Recent Activities
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The Bohen Foundation’s focus is on reimagined forms, expanded definitions, and new contexts for the creation, production, presentation and documentation of contemporary visual arts. Recent projects include:

Lara Baladi: Vox Populi, Archiving a Revolution in the Digital Age

Vox Populi is a collaborative, interactive project to present and preserve a digital archive of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. Lara Baladi began saving videos, photos, graffiti and articles, often from social media, at the start of the uprising in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. She also collected historical footage, speeches, and banned cartoons that resonated with the spirit of Tahrir. She is developing a framework for her archive that combines contemporary art with new forms of visual documentary. By establishing a new way of archiving and interpreting historical events, Vox Populi becomes not only a tribute to Tahrir Square but a potential model for preserving and sharing digital documentation of other contemporary sociopolitical movements.

Beirut-born Lara Baladi has lived in Egypt since 1997. Her work is collected and exhibited internationally, and includes photography, sculpture, video installations, architectural constructions and textiles. She is a founding board member of the Arab Image Foundation and a co-founder of Radio Tahrir and Tahrir Cinema. She is currently a 2014-15 Fellow at MIT’s Open Documentary Lab.